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Our recycling facilities
Find out exactly how our mercury processing facilities work:




Do you want 100% quality?
We offer top level recycling

Toxic and valuable? That is no contradiction. At least not where mercury is concerned. We recycle this liquid heavy metal in a manner that is as complete as it is safe! In this way we not only decontaminate hazardous waste but also deliver high-quality raw materials that can be re-used in production processes.

Silver recovery, golden service

RQR and its QR-Mercury have been providing a tried and tested mercury recycling system for many years now. By working with us, our customers benefit from maximum levels of service - from the segregation of the different materials using appropriate container systems to our regular collection services.

REMONDIS QR GmbH, a wholly owned REMONDIS subsidiary, has a plant for processing mercury that is like no other in the world where it is able to recover a raw material of the highest possible quality

QR-Mercury is a service provided by REMONDIS QR GmbH, a REMONDIS subsidiary. It operates a recycling system which collects and recycles mercury from industrial waste and old products

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