REMONDIS QR’s business locations

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REMONDIS QR’s business locations

The REMONDIS Group’s business locations

Discover the world of REMONDIS with its approx. 1,000 branches and associated companies in 30 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

REMONDIS Group’s business locations

Your mercury-containing waste – treated safely at all times

Many different types of products still contain mercury. Practically all of them can be treated at our plant in Lübeck (north of Germany). Decades of experience, state-of-the-art technology and the international REMONDIS Group in the background ensure that these substances are safely treated and disposed of in accordance with all rules and regulations.

Liquid mercury

Liquid mercury

We treat your mercury carefully, whether you deliver liquid mercury directly to us or we distil it out of your waste.  We stabilise it into non-toxic mercury sulphide and dispose of it safely in a german underground landfill. If legally allowed, we can alternatively return it to the economic cycle. 

Mercury-containing button cell batteries

Button cell batteries

Button cell batteries are used in a whole range of technical devices. REMONDIS QR has the technology to separate the batteries according to chemical system (lithium and mercury) and then thermally treat them or send them to external partners for further treatment. By doing so, it ensures that the contents of the batteries can be recovered and recycled.

Devices containing mercury

Thermometers, rectifiers, control & measuring equipment: these products not only contain mercury but other valuable materials as well which we recover and return to production cycles. REMONDIS QR always works with the utmost care – protecting human health and the environment across its operations.

Amalgam waste

Our recycling system has also been designed to recover mercury from amalgam used by dental surgeries. Amalgam is one of the materials used by dentists for filling teeth. It is not allowed, however, to get into drinking water systems. Numerous dental surgeries rely on our services: for managing their amalgam waste and recovering the mercury from these materials.

Soil and sludge

If you work with mercury once, you will always find it almost everywhere. We treat your highly contaminated mercury-containing soils and sludges from your restoration projects. 

Activated carbon containing mercury

Activated carbon

Activated carbon is used as a filter medium in many cleaning processes, including the separation of mercury from waste gas streams. We accept your contaminated active carbon, whatever its form (dust, ball or pellet), and dispose of it safely. 

NiCd batteries

NiCd batteries

NiCd batteries are produced in many different shapes. They contain valuable metals such as nickel that are perfect for recycling. REMONDIS QR recovers all the individual components of the NiCd batteries and sends them on for further processing so they can be reused.

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